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App de Gramática Española Difusión

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Available for iPad

We’re offering you the first 29 exercises for free

Download the application onto your tablet and try the free 29 exercises we are offering. If you like them, you can purchase all the other exercises without having to exit the application.

Totally interactive and easy-to-use

Do the exercises by touch, using the keyboard or by dragging the answers. It’s fun, easy and user-friendly! Once you have completed each exercise, you decide when to evaluate it, to check how you scored and to see the correct answers.

342 exercises

Divided up into grammar subjects and levels

Free exercises

For beginners

Elementary level

Intermediate level

Purchase all the exercises for one level for 3.99 €, or buy the exercises for all the levels for 7.99 € *

* Prices may vary according to your country’s taxes and currency.

  • No subscriptions required, offering you complete freedom.

  • You’ll be able to see your progress – the areas you’re improving in, and where you need to do more work.

  • You can do the exercises as many times as you want, and wherever you want.

App de Gramática Española Difusión

Consult the grammar theory whenever you need it


You can consult the grammar theory

Each exercise includes all the grammar theory you need to answer it correctly, and to understand the grammar point you’re working on.

You can choose what you want to learn

The exercises are divided up into grammar subjects, so you can select what you want to learn.

Adapted to your level

Choose your level (A1: beginners; A2: elementary; B1: intermediate) and have fun with the exercises.

Prepare for the Diploma de Español como Lengua Extranjera (DELE)

If you are considering taking the official ELE level exams, this application will help you to consolidate your knowledge, gain in confidence and pass them successfully.

  • All the exercises are adapted to the different levels of the Plan Curricular del Instituto Cervantes.

  • We at Editorial Difusión have 27 years of experience in ELE (teaching Spanish as a foreign language).
App de Gramática Española Difusión

Learn and practice at your own speed

Three levels

The application contains 342 exercises divided up into three levels (A1: beginners; A2: elementary; B1: intermediate), and organised into grammar subjects. You can search in the index for the topics you want to study, and consult the corresponding explanations.

Measure your progress

Once you have completed each exercise, you can decide when you want to check to see if you have answered it correctly. The application measures your progress and helps you to improve.

Adapted to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages: learning, teaching, evaluation

You are able to understand and use common everyday expressions, as well as the simple phrases you need to meet your immediate needs. You are able to introduce yourself and others, ask for and give basic personal information about where you live, your belongings and the people you know. You can have a basic conversation, providing that the other person speaks slowly and clearly, and is willing to help.

You are able to understand commonly-used phrases and expressions linked with areas of experience that are particularly important for you (basic information about yourself and your family, shopping, places of interest, occupations, etc). You can communicate in order to carry out basic everyday tasks that only require simple, direct exchanges of information about subjects you know about or are familiar with. You can use simple language to describe events from your past or related to your everyday life, as well as topics concerning your immediate needs.

You are able to understand the main points of simple texts written in standard language, providing that they deal with subjects you are familiar with, such as situations related to work, study or leisure. You are able to explain yourself and deal with most of the situations that might arise during a trip to places where the Spanish language is used. You can write simple, comprehensible texts on subjects that are familiar to you, or in which you have a personal interest. You can describe experiences, events, wishes, desires and aspirations, as well as briefly defending your opinions or explaining your plans.

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